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The Ins and Outs you need to know

There has been lots of speculation and discussion re the new standard sail. The info is mostly covered in the attached information from PSA.

The general consensus is that the sail is not designed to be faster than the normal sail, but more durable. However, given the new design features and easier use  and durability of the sail, i cant but speculate the sail has to be a batter sail.

Everyone will make up their own mind in time.

The sail is now available for pre-order through PSA. Total cost $990, plus $60 for numbers plus $15 for freight. This price includes a sail roll bag, and new style battens (the current type do not fit the sail) Pre-order with a $200 deposit.

Our local dealer Boating Hardware will also be stocking this sail for the same price, and deal as PSA. They have have some stock on pre-order already.

The sail can be used in all events in Australia, except sail Melbourne as this is an ISAF event. I am also told the sail CAN be used at the Masters Worlds in 2016. After RIO 2016, the sail can be used at ANY event.

17.09.15 01:46 Age: 2 yrs