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Travel Grants

Recent recipient Ben Walkemeyer - 7th Radial Youth Worlds, 7th Open Mens Radial Worlds 2012

A new travel grant form has been developed in 2012 which enables more specific criteria to be met. A successful applicant will generally have met the following

Participation in all WALA events e.g. Metro Championships and State Championships in the previous season

Competed at the majority of local WA events in the previous season

Competed at the majority of YWA events in the previous season (Youth sailors) e.g. Lasersail, Westsail, State Youth Championships

Held volunteer positions on the WALA committee or their home club committee in the previous season.

or.. the sailor or their direct family have volunteered at WALA level or club level in an official or non official capacity in the previous season on a consistent basis e.g. race day duties, volunteer coaching

The emphasis is on what has been done in the previous season. As such if a sailor can meet the above criteria on a year to year basis then WALA will be happy to support this individual each year they apply. WALA has the money available to support the sailors who make an effort to support them. Up to $600 is available in a single travel grant request however the actual amount is dependent on the number of applications and the budget set by the committee.

The new application form is Attached to better reflect the criteria in which the sailor should strive to meet

View the broader guidelines Here